PTA Committees




This committee organizes 4 events:

Teacher’s Breakfast (September)—Back to School breakfast for the teachers. Usually a day or two before the students go back to school.

Aide Appreciation Day (March)—The PTA provides paper products, utensils, beverages, a gift and the committee sets up cleans up for the event.. The teachers provide all of the food &   dessert items. Teachers also provide an appreciation booklet from the students in their class.

Teacher Appreciation Week (May)—Committee members solicit local restaurants to donate food items for the luncheon, prepare a letter to parents to collect a small gift donation for the teachers, purchase or have parents donate all paper products, utensils, beverages, find one nice
gift suitable to give to each teacher in the school & prepare a small daily gift to express our appreciation for each day of that week.

Kid Appreciation Day (June)—Volunteers hand out ice cream for the students.

Volunteers are needed for planning as well as setup and cleanup on actual event days as well.


Bingo Night is a fundraiser takes place in January.  Volunteers are needed to help set up and run bingo games as well as provide snacks and beverages for sale to raise money for the school. This committee is ideal for full-time working parents with limited time to give.


These volunteers attend monthly Board of Education meetings and report back to the PTA.  Multiple volunteers could attend one meeting each. This is a great way to see what the Board is doing and planning for.


The Book Fair is held twice a year to allow children and adults the opportunity to purchase quality books.  The committee schedules the Book Fair, sets up, cleans up, and schedules volunteers to help run the sale.


Committee members help create contests to encourage greater participation and help facilitate the Box Top collection. This fundraiser generates approx. $1500.00 or more each school year.  Collecting Box Tops from participating household products funds many PTA projects.  Box Tops are collected, clipped, bundled into bags of 50, & submitted twice a year (February & October).


This committee is responsible for ordering and selling Knollwood related merchandise. The time needed is flexible. 


This committee finds ways for us to help others in our community throughout the year.  Volunteers organize food drives, Holiday Angels, and develop other projects.  The time required is flexible.  Ideal for parents who wish to teach their children about being a good citizen of the community.


The Dad’s Committee is an excellent opportunity for dads to get together and provide their children with positive male role models.  Dads provide other committees with help and “muscle” when needed.  The hours needed for this committee are flexible.


Family Fun Night is a great way for families to come together and have a great time. The committee decides what events to plan, schedules volunteers, and runs the evening from start to finish. All talents are needed.


This committee prepares for all of the fifth grade activities that happen throughout the year including fund raising, yearbook; moving-up ceremony, invitations, certificates, etc...  If you have a fifth grader—this committee is for you!


The PTA offers lunch to students on one-session (half) days.  This committee researches new vendors, orders the food, and organizes the orders and parent volunteers who help serve lunch.


This committee does one or two fundraisers to get a head start on their fifth grade money.  You may help decide which fundraisers to do and help run them.


This committee consists of parents who have children in the GRO (Gifted Reach Out) program.  They attend the monthly “Parents for the Gifted and Talented” meeting.  This program acts as an advocate group for the special needs of gifted and talented children in the district.  Committee members will provide information to the PTA during their monthly meetings about the various projects being done by GRO students.


Committee Members collaborate with the merchandise vendor and set drop off and pick up dates. Members also work with the teachers to schedule appointed times that each class will come to shop. The Holiday Shop is generally open 2 or 3 school days and one afternoon/evening. The children come with their class to shop for holiday gifts for their families.  The children (especially younger classes) need help in deciding what to get and how to budget their money.  Helping the children is the greatest need for volunteers. Setup and cleanup help is needed also.


Committee members arrange for parents to donate needed items for school functions. There are many times throughout the year that refreshments and/or paper goods are needed for school events. Back to School Night, Fun Nights, Teacher/Aide Appreciation, PTA Meetings etc. A great choice for those unable to attend events but willing to arrange the donation of food, beverages, and paper goods.


A fall fundraising activity.  The committee coordinates orders, collects money, and distributes orders.


Kindergarten Orientation not only introduces new students to Knollwood, but also introduces new parents to the PTA.  This committee works with the kindergarten teachers to ease the transition for children entering kindergarten. Those interested will need to be available on the afternoon of Kindergarten Orientation (usually April) to either assist with registration or  in the classrooms.


One member is needed to type up a newsletter regarding PTA happenings at Knollwood that will be posted on our school website to keep parents informed of important and upcoming events.


The Parents and Professionals of Exceptional Children Program is a district-wide organization concerned with the needs of classified children. Classified children include those who take supplemental instruction, those in resource rooms, special classes, and special schools.


Our Public Relations Committee gathers information and pictures from special events that our school and students are involved in. This information is then sent to local newspapers as a press release. This committee also contacts local newspapers in advance of special events in an effort to gain publicity. This committee is very important because it educates the larger community about what the PTA offers our children at Knollwood and our community. Volunteers on this committee can work at home whenever they have time..


This committee assists the chairperson in choosing Room Parents from the volunteers (a form will be sent home in September), typing up Room Parent lists, and assisting at the initial Room Parent meeting in October.


Early in the school year, a general fundraiser involving all grades is held.  This committee begins work in late spring by selecting a fundraising company whose merchandise we will sell.  Committee members work in the fall to distribute merchandise when sales are complete.


The Tricky Tray is a major fundraising event of the school year. The fifth grade class sometimes opts to hold a tricky tray to gather the funds necessary to support the fifth grade activities. Volunteers are needed for soliciting donations, decorating, wrapping baskets, and working the day and evening of the event. The hours required for this committee are extremely flexible.

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